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Meeting in Gilbert, AZ., FHC is a non-denominational church where God’s Word is preached and taught without compromise. Our desire is to glorify Jesus and Make Him known.

A Word For the Contemporary Church

Excerpt from Sermon, July 22, 2017 Listen Here


Short Video Highlighting Youth 2017


  During 2017 the Faith Harvest Youth Group had one theme for the entire year: PRIORITIES. Every meeting focused on priorities in the natural life, followed by relating those priorities to spiritual priorities.

  The Scriptures used were: Matt: 6:33:  But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you, and Ps. 90:12: But teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

  The photos above are highlights, including Christmas party, firefighters visit, artwalk in Scottsdale, and  a service led by the youth group, sharing what they gleaned from these lessons.

  Youth 2018 is being led by Michael and Leah Smith.




Faith Harvest is anchored to the unchanging Word of God and to the Living Christ. Our objective is to stand true to the eternal truths of His Word in the midst of a world that is constantly seeking to redefine truth. The goal of each service is to glorify Christ and to lift up His Word that it might challenge every heart to find refuge in Him.


Ministry cannot be performed in the strength of the individual. We believe in the words of Jesus “You can do nothing apart from Me”. He is the Head of the Church and we seek to do nothing apart from His leading and empowerment. In order to do that we need complete dependence upon Him and the fullness of His Spirit.


In our desire to be Radical for Christ, sometimes it’s easy to become unbalanced. We seek to balance discipleship in the Word with a personal experience of God through the Holy Spirit. We seek to balance the teaching of Grace with God’s call to holiness and obedience. And we seek to balance love with strength.


At FHC we are aware that difficult times are drawing near. Jesus said that we should be able to read the signs and know what He is saying. We are aware of the very real probability of coming persecution and seek to prepare believers. We are aware of current trends which seek to destroy the church and we are aware of the great calling to be His ambassadors in perilous times.

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