Faith Harvest Church was founded by Pastors Mark and Maggie Hillis in 1995. Along with their three children, Mark and Maggie Hillis moved from Georgia in order to plant a new church as directed by the Lord. Services began in September of 1995 in the Hillis family’s home in Mesa.

From the beginning, Faith Harvest has been a church with strong emphasis on missions and outreach and there has always been a blend of strong Christian families, transient people who are passing through, individuals whose lives have been broken by drugs and alcohol, young, old and in between.

With this strong focus on outreach and missions, the church has tackled seemingly large ‘projects’ as the Lord has led, leading mission trips to Pakistan, Columbia, Mexico, Cuba, Siberia and various countries in Africa. Additionally, Faith Harvest has reached out to the homeless community through various means, including  a shower ministry, Thanksgiving meals, and other outreach events. The church supports missionary endeavors and has also supported and stood in solidarity with the suffering church worldwide, believing that we are not immune to persecution here as well.

Faith Harvest endeavors to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly, with conviction and power through the Holy Spirit. There is a strong commitment to avoid fads which influence the church world, and to keep the work of the church simple. The desire is to build the church upon Christ and not through entertainment, gimmicks, or diluting the Word of God. (See Statement of Faith and other distinctives)

In 2010, as most of America was plunging into perilous economic times, The Lord led the congregation to leave their leased building, the historic Nile Theater in downtown Mesa, and utilize temporary rented spaces on Sunday mornings and members’ homes for midweek Bible studies and Prayer meetings.

Despite the limitations of rented spaces for meetings only, the church has found other avenues for outreach, and has continued to send members on mission trips and to help those less fortunate.

The leaders of FHC believe that difficult times are ahead and that the church must be able to worship and serve in any form, whether meeting in permanent locations or in the living rooms of members.

We welcome you to come and visit us during one of our worship services. Our desire is to exalt Jesus Christ, to present uncompromised truth, and to be the hands and feet of the Lord in this present world. If you have questions please feel free to contact us.